Become a Member!

Did you know that there are 825,450 volunteer firefighters in the United States? In fact these volunteers comprise 72% of all the firefighters in the country? Becoming a volunteer firefighter can be a truly rewarding and gratifying experience.

The Belltown Fire Department is looking for new members to join our community oriented 100% volunteer fire department. Without our dedicated members who unselfishly give up their time we could not continue our tradition of "Neighbors helping neighbors" as we have since 1928. Come join our team and be a part of one of the oldest traditions in the country. Some famous Americans who served as volunteer firefighters were George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Samuel Adams, John Hancock, and Paul Revere. More recently such diverse citizens as Stamford Mayors Julius Wilensky and Thom Serrani, Actor Steve Buscemi and News Anchor Brian Williams also served as Volunteer Firefighters in their communities.

The Belltown Fire Department is one of six independent fire departments in Stamford. We are the primary provider of fire and rescue services to over 2,500 of our neighbors living in a 1.3 square mile centrally located fire district. Stamford is located 25 miles to the northeast of New York City, and 90 miles south of the state capitol in Hartford. Stamford is a city of 37.3 square miles and approximately 117,000 residents.

Belltown's volunteer firefighters currently operate two engines, one tower ladder, one rescue, one utility truck, and a command vehicle. Each of our dedicated firefighters is a non-paid professional. They come from all walks of life ranging from teachers to landscapers, mechanics to home inspectors, engineers to financial advisors, plumbers to dispatchers. We are individuals with families, and long commutes to and from work each day. Some reside in the city while others travel to donate their time. The one thing we all have in common is being volunteer firefighters, dedicated to helping others. We give countless hours of our time and effort all without a salary. We train rigorously and when called to duty, are proud to serve the residents of Belltown and when necessary the residents of Stamford.

As a fully volunteer fire department we depend on individuals, people just like you, who are willing to help provide fire protection for the Belltown neighborhood and lend a hand towards preserving this great organization.

Thinking about becoming a volunteer?

If you are sixteen years of age or older, are willing to learn this honorable trade and want to provide a service to your community, then we have a position for you at the Belltown Fire Department.

But firefighting is not for you...

The Belltown Fire Department has many positions other than firefighting that are filled by our volunteers. Would you like to help out with our fund drive, Christmas tree sale, block party, softball team, blarney blast, members Christmas party, communion breakfast, open house, Bingo or other fund raising efforts? Would you like to join our administrative side and handle the business side of the organization? If you answered yes to any of these, then don't hesitate to become a volunteer with the Belltown Fire Department.

Application process

There is an application process for prospective Active members to complete and is comprised of the following; an interview with the Chief and Service Board of our department, a thorough background investigation, and an extensive physical exam. The application will then be introduced to department members at our monthly business meeting and posted for thirty (30) days under one of the following titles; junior probationary or probationary. After the application process has been successfully completed, the applicant will be accepted into the department.

There is an application process for prospective Associate members to complete and is comprised of the following; an interview with the President of our department, and a thorough background investigation. The application will then be introduced to department members at our monthly business meeting, and posted for thirty (30) days. After the application process has been successfully completed, the member will be accepted into the department as an Associate member.

New Members

New members are considered probationary and are required to successfully complete the State of Connecticut Firefighter 1, and State of Connecticut Medical Response Technician (MRT) classes. Soon after being accepted, probationary members will be put through an in-house probationary firefighter class. After completing "probie class", the probationary firefighter will be allowed to participate in a support capacity with department activities, training and respond to calls. Once Firefighter 1 and MRT are successfully completed, the member will shed their probationary status by successfully completing an in-house 2nd Class Exam.

Being Dedicated

Being a volunteer firefighter and a member of the Belltown Fire Department takes dedication and a great deal of time yet the personal satisfaction that our members feel is greatly rewarding. A Belltown firefighter is dedicated to the Department's mission of protecting the community. The work of a firefighter extends far beyond responding to emergencies and calls for service. Our dedication involves education and training, apparatus, equipment and station maintenance, administrative paperwork and planning, all of which never ends. Firefighter training and certification opportunities are almost endless.

Not only a personal sacrifice

A volunteer firefighter's loved ones learn to understand and accept the interrupted dinners and family celebrations and the middle of the night awakenings, only to worry about hazards their loved one may encounter. Obviously, no one becomes a volunteer firefighter for the money. This organization is based upon camaraderie, teamwork, trustworthiness, integrity, and dedication to the district of Belltown and City of Stamford.