The Belltown Fire Department Meeting Hall

Hall Information

Image of hall exteriorOur Meeting Hall is where we hold our monthly meetings, and is where new members first truly become part of the department. This hall is also where we hold most of our family and entertainment events, such as our Christmas Party and our annual Communion Breakfast. Many members of the community are first introduced to this part of the firehouse at our annual Fire Prevention Open House, when we display historical exhibits there.

Image of hall interiorThis space is also available for rent; it is the perfect place to hold your next party or event. People have held everything from Baby Showers to Birthday Parties and from Welcome Home Parties to Weddings at our hall. This room is also very popular as a place to hold children’s birthday parties, which come with a free fire safety presentation.

Image of hall kitchenThis hall comes with tables and chairs, hold up to 100 people, and features a commercial kitchen which is great for do it yourselfers or professional caterers. The hall features a wet bar, restrooms and a coat room. The room is big enough for a dinner party and a dance floor, as many people also hire a DJ when renting our Hall.

The Rental of this Hall funds many of our volunteer recruitment and retention initiatives, as well the ongoing maintenance and future renovations of the hall itself. Contact the hall director at 203-539-0459 or email for more information about holding your next exciting event at out firehouse.

Need more information? Read our "Frequently Asked Questions."

Hall Pricing as of May 12, 2016 (subject to change)

Four Hour Party

Hall - $625
Deposit - $150
Total - $775

Each Additional Hour


Other Parties

Children's Party w/Tour - $400
Children's Party w/o Tour - $300
**Children's parties are 9am-12pm & limited to 40 guests
Meetings (Mon-Thur) - $250
Meetings (Fri-Sun) - $350
Pancake Breakfast - $300
Funerals (Mon-Fri) - $350
Funerals (Sat & Sun) - $400

Showers and baptisms are all considered regular parties and fall under the normal 4 hour rate.

All parties with extended hours must be decided at contract. No parties will be extended on the date of the party.

To schedule a meeting to book the hall, or for specific questions about rentals contact the hall director at 203-539-0459 or email

Full payment is due at contracting signing. No Holds! All renters must sign contract sheet and rule sheet.

Need more information? Read our "Frequently Asked Questions."

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. How many hours can my party run?

A. Hall rentals start at 4 hours, you may add additional hours at $100 per hour. No party may run past midnight but you may start as early as you'd like. Guests should begin leaving the hall between 11:30-11:45, this is out of respect to our neighbors.

Q. Where should people park?

A. Guests can park only in the parking area on the hall side of the building, or across the street at 555 Newfield Avenue. Belltown Fire Department will provide a parking monitor during all parties, this person will be your contact for any issues with the hall. The parking monitor will make themselves available at all times should a problem occur in the hall. In addition to duties directing vehicle where to park the parking monitor is responsible for enforcing rules and regulations signed at the time of contract, as a representative of the Belltown Fire Department this person does have the ability to shut down parties in violation of the hall contract.

Q. How many tables and chairs are in the hall?

A. We have seating for 100 people which is the maximum capacity for any party. There are between eight and ten 52 inch round tables and a few 6 foot rectangular tables.

Q. What is available in the commercial kitchen?

A. Our hall kitchen features two commercial grade ovens, a six burner stove, flat top griddle, large refrigerator and a freezer. The hall also has a full size ice machine which is available for use by renters. Please note that the refrigerator in the hall is large and can take a long amount of time to cool down if loaded with large amounts of warm drinks or foods. Please plan your party appropriately as the refrigerator is not malfunctioning.

Q. Is the hall handicap accessible?

A. Our hall is completely accessible, including the bathrooms which were recently renovated.

Q. What is required at cleanup?

A. Renters must return all tables and chairs to the racks in the storage closet, dispose of all garbage in the City of Stamford "toters" to the rear of the building, sweep the floors, and leave the space in respectable condition. Garbage left out, food stuck on floors/walls, excessive mess in bathrooms or garbage left in the parking areas are all grounds for the security deposit to be kept.

Q. Can I hold a date until I decide if I need it?

A. We have a strict policy in place restricting hold. Hall dates are available for rental on a first come first serve basis.

Q. How much money is needed at time of contract?

A. Full payment(cash or check) is due at the signing of the contract/rules and regulations form. A contract will not be signed without full payment and the hall will be left as available for others who may be interested.

Q. How long does it take to have my deposit returned?

A. Normal processing time for a security deposit is one month.

Q. Can I bring in a live band?

A. Live bands are not permitted due to the excessive volume of music they create.

Q. Can I use a smoke machine?

A. Smoke machines are not permitted in the hall as they activate the buildings fire alarm.

Q. Can I serve alcohol during my party?

A. Alcohol may be served in observance of all local, state, and federal regulations. If it is believed that these rules are being violated the Belltown Fire Department may choose to shut down the party.

Q. I'm looking to hold a special event and I have additional questions, who should I talk to?

A. Contact the Hall Director at 203-539-0459 or at

Q. I'd like to bring items into the hall the night before my party, is this ok?

A. This is allowed if the hall is not rented the night before, you must call the hall director to check availability of the night before your party.

Q. My question is not answered here, what should I do?

A. Contact the hall director at 203-539-0459 or email