2008 Firefighter of the Year

Thomas Costello

This year Chief John Didelot presented Thomas J. Costello with the department's annual "Firefighter of the Year" award at the members Annual Christmas Party. Tom was an EMT in New York and he has been a volunteer since 1999 when he joined Sprindale Fire Company. He was an active member there for 5 years and in those years he succesfully completed Firefighter one and Q licence certification and drove utility 54 and truck 56. He brought his knowledge, certifications, and driving experience over to Belltown in 2003. Since the Malloy administration brought lay offs and the threat of removing all paid firefighters from Belltown, Tom saw the need to take his effort to an even higher level, helping insure that our neighbors were just as safe as before. Tom took the time to get behind the wheel again and spend countless hours retraining himself to Belltown's standard operating procedures and polices on all the apparatus. He also attended a department held emergency vehicle operator course (EVOC). During all his time and dedication to the safety of our neighbors, Tommy still found time to succesfully start his own business (Thomas J Costello Landscaping).